Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch, 3-5 Yds
Shredded Cedar Bark Mulch 6+ Yds
Shredded Cedar Bark Mulch 3-5 Yds
Pine Bark Mulch 3-5 Yds
Pine Bark Mulch 6+ Yds
Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch 6+ Yds

***ONLINE ORDERING ONLY AVAILABLE TO ANN ARBOR AND SALINE; ZIPCODE 48105 will have an additional $10 distance charge***

Welcome To The Lodi Farms WebStore! For a while, the only products you'll be able to purchase online are our shredded bark mulch. If this works, we'll add more! Please note that there are two items of each product, please select the appropriate item for the quantity you are ordering.

**Our pine bark has CHANGED AGAIN and is now dark brown and finely ground. PLEASE come look before you order it!

**Maximum 15 yards of material

**$10 delivery charge per load

**Delivery time will be as soon as possible, hopefully within 3-5 working days, BUT WILL TAKE LONGER IN THE BUSY SEASONS!

**Please include your CVC (secret 3-digit code on the back of your credit card) in the comments section. Our processing program has changed and now requires it.

**We CANNOT drop on the sidewalk or in the street

**Our trucks MUST STAY ON the driveway

**Please let us know about narrow driveways, low-hanging wires or branches